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Most Frequently Ask Questions

  • Receiveit
    • What does Receiveit do?
      You can receive any files from any devices and store the file directly onto your expansion card without any conversion or alteration. Receiveit can also manage which application should be the default for particular file. For example, you have an AcidImage™ and a Jpegviewer™ installed in your handheld, you have the power to set whether AcidImage™, Jpegviewer™ or Receiveit™ should intercept it when there is an image file is being transfered from other device.
    • Can we run the file which was received by Receiveit?
      No you can't. The application is to intercept the incoming file and store it onto your expansion card.
    • What is the minimum system requirement?
      A Palm OS powered v. 4.1 and above; An expansion card; An expansion slot. This application has already been tested on Palm and Sony Clie
    • What if I have more questions?
      Please use our support system. Login using the above form. You can also visit FAQ for Receiveit
    • Popular Extensions (These are just few examples. Receiveit will accept any kind of files)

      Ext. Text/Office   Ext. Audio,Video, Graphics
      ps PostScript file   gif Image file
      pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader™   jpg, jpeg Image file
      xls Microsoft Excel™   bmp Windows® Bitmap graphics
      doc Microsoft Word™ / WordPerfect™   mid Audio file
      ppt Microsoft Power Point™   wav, wave Audio file
      mdb Microsoft Access™   au Audio file
      rtf Rich Text Format   mpg, mpeg Audio and video format
      ps Postscript file   htm, html HyperText Markup Language
      Ext. Application   Ext. Compression
      bat Batch file   arj File archiving
      exe Executable file   gz, gzip Unix Compression
      js Java™ script   hqz Macintosh® BinHex
      pl Perl™ script   zip, rar Common Windows® compression


  • ZIcon Iconset
    • When I open the about windows, it says "Trial Version", but I have already purchase it.
      You are seeing an IconManager™ application which we include in the package to manage the icons. ZIcon iconset is a bundle of hires, lores, and greyscale icons.
    • How do I get an update?
      Please log into where you have purchased the application. You should be able to download the newest version from there. We also will send out news letter when there is an update or new products.

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